Why do I need Project Wag to help with dog selection?

Retail stores and websites fail to deliver when it comes to choosing a new dog. Nearly 100% of these businesses are sourced by puppy mills, which will result in a lifetime of health and behavioral issues for most of these animals. Additionally, reputable rescue groups and breeders simply do not advertise. Project Wag has established a discriminating network of resources and offers a comprehensive level of due diligence and expertise that removes the confusion from the process.

Where do the dogs come from?

Project Wag works exclusively with best-in-class breeders and rescue groups, all of which have been thoroughly vetted. Dogs selected for clients will never come from pet stores or online ship-upon-request breeding facilities.

But my friend/neighbor/relative/acquaintance has a great dog,
and he/she came from a pet store…

Buying from pet stores translates into a significantly higher risk for major health and behavioral issues. These problems stem from the conditions at puppy mills, which favors lucrative “production” rather than health and temperament-oriented breeding. Breeding parents are generally caged for life, and their puppies are taken away at so young an age that they miss out on critical socialization and nurturing. Adding to the deception, pet stores often provide falsified pedigree papers as validation. Sadly, dogs purchased from these businesses and thrive are the exceptions.

How long does the selection process take?

Every client’s timeline is unique. The process may take anywhere from a month up to six months depending on the complexity of what is needed and the readiness of a household.

What steps do you take to ensure that a dog is a good fit for a client?

Project Wag integrates veterinary and behavioral pre-screening into the selection process, ensuring that any dog that a client meets has been given full clearance. This prevents the uninformed impulsive decision-making that often plagues this process.

How do you match a client with a dog?

Project Wag takes a multi-dimensional approach to compatibility. All nuances of lifestyle and ownership are taken into account. After an in-person consultation and completion of our in-depth survey, Project Wag works closely with a client to apply both breed and network expertise to generate available dog recommendations. Once the client gives approval, Project Wag coordinates an introduction to ensure proper chemistry. It is only after that meeting that a final decision is made.

Should I rescue or buy from a breeder?

This is a very personal decision. Project Wag strives to ensure that dog-seekers choose from responsible and welfare-minded organizations, and this includes both rescue groups and top breeders.

What if a match simply doesn’t work out?

While we strive to ensure that this does not happen, Project Wag takes this possibility into account within a client’s selection agreement. Should a dog need to be returned for some reason, clients alert Project Wag, which then takes over the process to ensure that the dog in question has the proper resources to find an alternative forever home.

Once we finish the selection process, is that the end?

Absolutely not. Project Wag works with the client during the household integration period. Clients will also have the option to purchase à-la-carte concierge offerings and/or a monthly subscription that makes Project Wag available 24/7 for urgent matters and emergencies.