After her boyfriend green-lighted her desire to bring a dog into their lives, Sara Levin was deep into an exhaustive search process for a dog that would fit in with her lifestyle, including a new job and approaching status as an Aunt (her sister was expecting) when she turned to Project Wag for help.

“Jillian at Project Wag was phenomenal and I wholeheartedly recommend her services! She was very knowledgeable of the different breeds and their temperaments. She also really listened to me. She’s not a sales rep and has no outside incentive to push you towards one kind of dog or another — she just really, really wants you to have a dog that you will love!”

After she met Billy, a fluffy bichon, through a shelter, she fell in love. Jillian accompanied Sara to the shelter for a careful assessment, and Billy got the thumbs up as a great choice.

“Emotionally, Jillian was a lifesaver. She stayed with me that afternoon while I adjusted.  She came with us back into the apartment to see how he was, then we walked around the neighborhood and watched how he interacted with other dogs and people. Billy passed with flying colors! It was such a relief having Jillian there with me to check on these things.”

Fischer continues to consult with Sara, answering questions ranging from the need for heartworm treatment to how to evaluate the capabilities and fees for Vets, to dog insurance. She recommended a dog trainer and worked with Sara and her boyfriend adapt to Billy coming into their lives.

“It’s such a relief knowing I can contact Jillian at any time and know she will have an answer.  This is especially helpful because these questions aren’t the type of thing that google can necessarily help you out with. I feel like using Project Wag was a lifetime investment — worth every single penny. I can not recommend her enough!!!”

sara levin

Sara, Billy and Yves

nicole & Flip:

“You saved us from inexperience, lack of time, frustration and fear. You found us the perfect addition to our growing family. Your knowledge, dedication, 150% availability, calming assurance and desire to keep both our dog’s best interests and our best interests in mind made for an amazing and life-changing connection.”

Nicole and Flip-Harley_570px

Harley, the newest member of Nicole & Flip’s family

Alexa & michael:

“This year we are so thankful for you and for giving us this opportunity to have and love Lucy. She is really the best thing ever and brings so much joy to our lives. We can’t thank you enough.”


Alexa, Lucy and Michael


After searching for a dog online and via rescues for nearly a year, Caitlin discovered Project Wag. Her apartment restrictions and allergies made the process even more challenging.

Said Caitlin: “She was there day and night with any questions or concerns I had about the process, and comforted me when someone else beat me to the punch. I hit just about every bump in the road… from my stubborn landlord, to rescues doubting my responsibility as a dog owner being a single young woman in the city. But Jillian put her trust in me, vouched for me, and did everything she could to find me a dog…she made me feel prepared and gave me all the information I needed for what was ahead. Most people resort to the “convenient” route of buying from a pet store, not knowing they are getting unhealthy dogs, and benefiting the criminals who run puppy mills. Project Wag is a responsible and accessible alternative that will provide future dog owners with one-on-one help in their search for a furry best friend!”