Project Wag exclusively works with reputable breeders and rescue groups, taking a nuanced approach to compatibility and household integration. Selection advising offerings range from à la carte breed recommendations to comprehensive one-on-one guidance throughout the entire process. As a 10-13 year (on average) relationship with significant financial and emotional investments, dog ownership requires a level of due diligence and expertise that most pet-seekers lack — and no business currently offers.


Project Wag scrutinizes each client’s needs in order to establish a team of canine service providers that can meet both current and ongoing demands. Project Wag also offers creative solutions to lifestyle considerations that are unique to this market, including household integration, travel and transportation, puppy-specific needs and relocation.

As in selection advising, clients can either opt for individual services or an entire service portfolio to meet a range of needs. They also have the opportunity to purchase an on-call subscription concierge service with 24-7 availability in the event of urgent matters or emergencies.

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