Project Wag helps find you the perfect dog, and takes care of everything that comes afterwards. Our mission is to connect people with the perfect dog, and then to provide owners with expert advice and concierge-level service to make living with ‘man’s best friend’ both easy and rewarding.

Founded by Jillian Fischer in New York City, Project Wag offers families and individuals a high-touch, bespoke, personal canine service. Project Wag starts by helping determine a dog that’s appropriate for a client’s lifestyle, and then by sourcing from reputable breeders or rescue groups. Project Wag is also there to assist families in preparing, training and caring for their new pets. Powered by the extremely knowledgeable Fischer and her unbiased philosophy, Project Wag clients gain access to a network of the best dog-related vendors, breeders and shelters, as well as expertise on all-things canine related: the right vet, dog walker or boarding options or sourcing dog-related products and one-of-a-kind decor items. Project Wag delivers exceptional service, process simplicity and client support.

Jillian Fischer, Founder/Owner

Jillian Fischer developed a passion for dogs at a young age. Her parents repeatedly rebuffed her desire for a dog, so she instead immersed herself in researching and reading everything she could find about breeds, behavioral research and more. Fischer’s resulting encyclopedic dog knowledge, coupled with an amazing knack for matching friends and family with their beloved canine companions, is the foundation of the Project Wag philosophy.

Fischer’s own first shot at dog ownership came when she and her basset hound-enamored boyfriend (now husband) fostered, rehabilitated and adopted-out a neglected pooch named Mimi through Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. Fischer resolved to help others navigate the path to dog ownership after she — and countless other people — encountered a shocking level of misinformation and lack of professional guidance in the process. Throughout the rest of her undergrad studies (Duke University), and earning her MBA at Columbia Business School, as well as working in the film and entertainment business (Paramount Pictures, Animal Planet, among others), Fischer became even further committed to canine welfare and responsible breeding. The true catalyst for Project Wag came after Fischer rescued a puppy that had been dumped on the freeway in Los Angeles. She made it her mission to find the dog the right owner (she placed the pup in an adoptive home within 48 hours). Fischer realized she was born to turn her passion, network and special knack for finding that perfect dog-owner match into a badly-needed and unique business that would fill a big marketplace void. In fact, Fischer’s business plan for Project Wag was tapped for Columbia Business School’s prestigious Entrepreneurial Greenhouse incubator program. She currently works with a growing number of Project Wag clients in NYC and around the country. She and her husband reside in Brooklyn with another rescued basset hound, Lucie, (whose “shapely” silhouette adorns Project Wag’s logo).

Lucie Fischer, Wagger-In-Chief

Lucie, the Project Wag Wagger-In-Chief, is one lucky hound, whose two basset-loving parents find her to be endlessly amusing. Despite her humble beginnings in Stillwater, Oklahoma — she was sold in a Walmart parking lot to a family that wasn’t equipped for dog ownership — Lucie came to the attention of an Oklahoma State University Vet student (who happened to be Fischer’s Sister-In-Law), who knew Jillian and her husband were searching for a floppy-eared soul mate. Now a real New Yorker, Lucie celebrates her adoption date each year by eating double cheeseburgers and surrendering to humiliating photos in party hats. Her hobbies include marathon napping, figure eights on the beaches of Cape Cod and volunteering as a therapy dog with the Good Dog Foundation. She is the reigning hurdling gold medalist and high-jump silver medalist at the Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue Olympics.